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Re: how do I extract a 2.6 gigabyte .tar.gz file ? (the saga continues)

I installed Windows (see what you made me do??).  
I installed WinZip.
I told WinZip to open my 2.6gb home.tgz file... it said okay... it said
this file contains home.tar, you want me to extract it to a temp dir &
open it ?

So unlike our beloved Unix utilities, winzip CAN seek past 2gb.  BUT it
can't untar and unzip at the same time, and since I don't have over 5.2gb
of fat32 storage space, I don't have enough room to extract the .tar that
my .tgz contains to a temp dir.  So I still can't get my files.  (ARGH) 

Ideas anyone ? 

Anybody want to lend me a large hard drive ?  :)

It couldn't really be that hard to make Unix stuff able to seek past 2gb,
could it ?  :)
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