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SNMPD - MRTG- PPP stats iregularity

    OK, I've installed the CMU SNMPD as well as the UCD SNMPD to verify that
this isn't a problem with the SNMPD daemons and now I'm looking for other
reasons for the following problem.

    I've got SNMPD installed on my system so I can monitor, for the moment,
bandwidth usage on eth0 and ppp0.  The problem I'm having is that the
incoming and outgoing usages do *NOT* show any divergance.  If you want to
see what I mean, take a look at:

    The input and output are identical almost all of the time.  Only every
now and again do they change at all.  I know this is not possibe since I have
run tests where I am FTPing to my machine.  All it should be doing is acking
so a majority of the bandwidth should be taken up by incoming and outgoing
should be low.  Not a near 1:1 ratio.  Also when I FTP somthing rather large
to my machine, say 6Mb worth, and I throttle this end to a constant 2kps I
know I am sending in 2kps yet MRTG shows for the 5 minute average over that
time for under 1k with a matching incoming and outgoing.

    Simple question...  *WHY*  Why aren't these stats diverging at all?  I'm
also seeing it on the stats for eth0 when I ftp from my linux box to my NT
box.  All other times on the ppp0 device I have mailing lists sending mail to
me or being run.  Those are not going to be 1:1 across the board.

    Any clues?
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