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Re: Unpartitioning a disk

Try partition manager look for it on download.com or hotfiles.com. It's shareware, but
it gets the job done
P.S. after you set you partitions uninstall the advanced boot manager. If you
installed it that way it will boot straight into windows.

Hogland, Thomas E. wrote:

> Something like Partition Magic will allow you to shrink and/or expand
> partitions for Win95, both fat16 and fat32. I don't know of anything that
> will do it for free...
> >>--------------------------------------<<
> > I had a typical Linux installation in which I shrank the Win95 partition
> > on an EIDE drive with fips and then partitioned the remainder with fdisk
> > for Linux.  I've just added a SCSI controller and hard drive and want to
> > move my Linux onto the SCSI drive and let Win95 have the whole EIDE drive.
> > I've installed Debian on the SCSI drive and have everything reconfigured
> > and so forth but now don't know how to go about "unpartitioning" the EIDE
> > drive.  What I've done so far is to delete the Linux partitions on the
> > EIDE drive and then use fips to try to change the partition table so that
> > the 1st primary partition has the whole drive but it didn't work.
> > Is there a way to do this without backing it all up and just starting from
> > scratch?
> >
> > Thanks...
> >
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