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Re: Offtopic: Applix as Netscape Helper?

*- stick@richnet.net wrote about "Offtopic: Applix as Netscape Helper?"
| Howdy all.
| I've been trying to setup Netscape such that Applix is used to view
| MS-Word formatted documents, but don't know one bit of info.
| I can get Applix started when I click on a MS-Word doc by adding
| "applix -wp" in Netscape's Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Applications
| window, but the Applix window is always empty.
| I've tried appending "%h" and "%p" to the command [based on other entries
| that are already there...] but always an empty Words document!
| What's the needed command to make this work?
| Thanks
| Chuck

Try %s.

applix -wp %s

I would guess that %h is host and %p is port so 'telnet %h %p' makes

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