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Re: ISP newly setup - Linux, Debian, or BSDi

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998 16:45:46 GMT, "Imad M Tarabay"
<imado@cyberia.net.lb> wrote:

>Hi to all...

Hey there.

>We are seething up a new ISP, and are wondering if you could help us =
>take a decision of which system to install - Linux, Debian or BSDi.

If you didn't already know, Debian is simply a version of the Linux
operating system.  Similarly, Red Hat and SuSe are also Linux, but
with slightly different packages and setup routines.

>Our target is a small market of merely 50,000 users.  We forecast that =
>the first year we would grab only 1000 users.
>Any hardware is also recommended (I mean PCs or Servers).

You don't mention what you want these systems to do, and that has a
lot of bearing on which hardware to choose.  For anywhere less than
10,000 users I would imagine that a decent Pentium-class (166 or 200
say) would suffice for an FTP or Web server, for instance, as these
aren't CPU-heavy tasks.  Having enough memory is far more important
for that sort of thing.

Another of the important things to go for is fast disk access, so good
SCSI is a must, and the bigger the better.  Of course, for an ISP it's
important to provide 24-hour service, so make sure you've got backup
power supplies, good quality memory and motherboards and so on.

Anyone want to be more specific?

Rob Wilderspin
"But I need it to crash once every few days - 
reboots are the only chance I get to sleep..."
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