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RE: netscape

I just tried the way you showed me. I downloaded the communicator from
ftp.netscape.com and put it under /tmp. Then I run dselect and chosen ftp
as access. I ftp to ftp.debian.org and select netscape. The problem is the
dselect always complain that it can not find several file, like libg++272,
xpm etc. Actually I already selected those file. The the error message

Zheng Wang, Ph. D
Department of Statistics and Applied Probability 
University of California, Santa Barbara
E-mail: zwang@pstat.ucsb.edu; http://www.pstat.ucsb.edu/~zwang

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Shaleh wrote:

> If you want to use a debian package for netscape you have to first download the
> netscape tar from netscape.com, then place it in /tmp owned as root.  Then you
> use dselect to choose the appropriate netscape package.
> On 19-Oct-98 Zheng Wang wrote:
> > Hi,
> > One more problem about the netscape. I download the netscape from
> > ftp.netscape.com and ran the ns-install to install it. But it just does
> > not work. If I install it manually following the README.txt, the result is
> > the same. But when I tried to install through dselect, it refered me to
> > netscape. Could you let me know what I should do? Thanks.

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