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Re: help w/ kerneld loading of modules

Shaleh wrote:
> Yes I did compile it w/ module support.  I want to make it work, or find out
> why it does not work.  No hacks please (-:

Module support and module auto loading (kerneld support) are two different
settings that must both be set to Y in the kernel config for kerneld to

Assuming that kerneld support is compiled into your kernel, the next thing
to check is that kerneld is actually running.  Try running

$ ps ax | grep '[k]erneld'

and you should get an output like this

  181  ?  S    0:01 /sbin/kerneld

If kerneld is not running, something strange is going on.  In that case
you should try starting it by hand (as root) and report back to the list
with the results.

If all of this seems in order, check /var/log/daemon.log to see if
modprobe is complaining about modules that it cannot locate.  Perhaps you
just have to add an alias to /etc/conf.modules (hamm version of modutils)
or /etc/modutils/aliases (slink version of modutils).

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