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Re: Star Office

Frankay666@aol.com wrote:
> So star office 4/5 can be downloaded for free for non-commercial use? well
> thats very nice of them, but how many people are going to be prepared to wait
> through a 50Mb download?
> Has anybody broken it up into 1MB pieces that can be downloaded gradually, or
> has anybody got it on CD that they can lend me? (UK address)
> frankie
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You can get a cd from caldera for about $20 US. I downloaded at 56K
overnight. It took about 4.5 hrs. That was version 4. If you don't get
many phone calls at night, and your isp lets you stay on that long then
an unattended ftp whlie you snooze can save you 20 bucks.


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