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Networking (lowbie)


I am lost..

2 Linux boxs both with Debian, one slink the other hamm.
Both have network NE2K cards and both are seen by Linux.
The Slink box has a ppp connection to the net but I 
don't as of right now need to access the net w/the hamm
computer. I just want each box to see each other for 
right now. (ie ping and telnet) other stuff will come 
later. I have read the NET-3-HOWTO but I kinda lost on it.

topology- two node star(dumb hub) (media utp)

In my slink box, I have a resolv.conf set up for my ppp
connection to my isp right now. So in the NET-3-howto
it shows me to set up resolv.conf up with a domain,
search and nameservers..which are there for the ISP
but how would I "add too" that for use for the eth0 too?

I have named my computers really simple like:
slink box w/ppp is names warhammer 
and the other box
hamm box is named inferno (heh my soon to be a firewall<g>)

These arn't real domain names or anything..sigh..see
were my lowbe arse is right now?

What IP can I use for both the eth0 cards on each one?
right now I am thinking :
warhammer will have and the inferno will be ...does this look ok?

(I have no static IP, offical domainname to use)

I have used
ifconfig eth0 192.168.0.# netmask up 
on each one.. but this is where I am....

I need to edit /etc/ resolv.conf & hosts and then
add route..  is this it? then is should be good 
to at least ping each other? or telnet in ?
Still not sure how I would go add the eth0 info
ontop of my resolv.conf ppp(isp) info on the one box..
(yea my isp uses dynamic) I don't need my network to
use the ppp (WWW) yet..just to see each other..

Can someone take some time to help me a bit more?
Please don't be criptic..

Steve Udell

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