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Alex> Is anyone using NIS with hamm? I'm trying to set it to work
Alex> against a Solaris NIS server and it doesn't work. I've got
Alex> everything up to the point that "ypcat passwd" indeed cats all
Alex> the passwd file from the NIS server (with the passwords replaced
Alex> with "##username"). My /etc/passwd has a +:::::: entry in the
Alex> end, and /etc/group - the +::: entry. /etc/nsswitch.conf says
Alex> "compat" for passwd, group, and shadow. And yet, when I try to
Alex> log in using one of the usernames from the NIS server, it won't
Alex> let me. Has anyone stumbled upon anything like this?

Alex> I suspect it has something to do with the way shadow passwords
Alex> work in Solaris and in Linux. However, on an adjacent Slackware
Alex> box it works flawlessly. What can be the problem?

Is the Solaris NIS server running NIS+ ? If so you might be out of
luck, unless you are prepared to build your own glibc. See

On the other hand, if the server is running NIS (or NIS+ in NIS
emulation mode) then it should work fine (except for netgroups). I use 
it all the time, and your setup sounds OK to me.


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