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Re: CD Writer Recommendation

David Warnock wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to add a CD Writer to my system. Can anyone give me a
> recommendation for a very reliable and fast writer (I only need
> writeable not re-writeable). I am only interested in a SCSI interface
> and would prefer an internal unit.

 Yamaha 4-2-6, is the same as Traxdata CDRW4260.  
Not the cheapest devices: about 600 US $.

 They come with 2MB buffer, definively no timing probs
with 100MHz Pentium at 4x-write.  

 Then, xcdroast is in hamm.  Have fun!

 A. Wehler

CAD/CAM straessle GmbH    Tel.: (+49)  211 - 52740 - 228
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wehler   Fax.: (+49)  211 - 52740 - 280

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