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lp in printer but no print!

I have installed my Okidata OL-410e printer as an HP3 Laser Jet; both use the PCL5 printer language. 
It prints ASCII from the command line 'lp filename' .
From words in Applixware 4.4.1 I select 'lp' printer and PCL5 class and the document goes to the printer, but is NOT PRINTED; it stays in the printer buffer until the next page is sent to it.  It prints then, but the second page does not because it is waiting for the next page to be sent from the computer to printer.  It prints the banner page AND the first page if I select the Banner Page option.  Selecting the Print in Background option continues the problem.
Is there something  in the printcap that should be changed to correct this problem?
Bob Barth
...Unix, MS-DOS, and MS Windows
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