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mounting floppy to intsall packages

When I use the command to mount floppy:  mount /dev/fd0/mnt........
I get the msg from bash   :       cant find /dev/fd0/mnt in /etc/mtab or

what am i doing wrong.....I just want to be able to install packages from
floppy which I downloaded from the net and I cant get Debian  2.0  to mount
the floppy .

Also, I am running two hard disks on  my system one of which has Win95 os
and the second drive has Debian installed.  Is there a way in which I can
read and work with the Win95 filesystem in Debian.  I know there are HOWTO's
but when I type
                         zless /use/doc/HOWTO/DOS-to-Linux-HOWTO.gz
I get the msg from bash
                         /usr/bin/zless: less   command not found

I would really like to know whats going on.  I installed Debian 2.0 from the
net and the basic installation seems to work ok.  But I wanted to read the
manuals to learn more and discovered I needed the "man"packages  which I
have now downloaded.  But I cant seem to install anything because I cant
mount the floppy.  Is there a way to copy the files form WIN95 on the first
disk where they were saved from the net.?

It would appear I cant use mcopy either    Command not found.

HELP!!!!??????!!!!   I have been trying for three days

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