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Re: Greenbush?

I had the same problem - ordering from them was like ordering into an empty

Try LSL - I've had pretty good luck with them, even though they sometimes are a
little behind in updating the latest binaries and source on thier CDs (but
unfortunately, I've not found anyone else to be much better).

On 07-Oct-98 Cleto Pescia wrote:
> Hello,
>> Funny you should mention this as I ordered two weeks ago 
>> as well and have not received anything.  I have been assured by
>> paulwade@greenbush.com that my order shipped and must have gotten lost
>> `; ( .  He (only minutes ago) sent me an e-mail indicating that a
>> replacement order was packaged and moments away from going to the post
>> office.  I encourage you to e-mail directly to the above address and to
>> put PLEASE RESPOND in the subject as that seems to get their attention.
>> Anyone else had any experience with Greenbush?  
> I'm sorry to have to say this, but I recommend *not* to order from
> Greenbush, since they seem to have quite a lot of problems...
> I ordered a Debian 1.3.1 CD set several months ago and *never* got
> anything from them, even if my credit card was charged and Mr. Wade
> assured me he had regained control of his operation after firing a "bad" 
> employee responsible for the mess...
> As far as I can tell I am not alone in having had negative experiences
> with Greenbush.
> Cleto
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