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Re: xdm replacement?

On Thu, Oct 08, 1998 at 02:13:24PM -0400, joseph evan porter wrote:
> > > Anyway, is there a replacement for xdm. I know about kdm but I want to
> > > use windowmaker so I don't want to take up all the space with kdebase
> > > and libs and support...
> > > 
> > > 	Can I use kdm without all that or is there something else I can
> > > use instead of xdm?
> > 
> > Perhaps you should take a look at wdm, which is an xdm replacement with a
> > NeXT-alike look and feel.  This should go perfectly with Window Maker.  I
> > haven't tried it out myself yet, though.  You can find the Debian package
> > in slink (and perhaps in hamm?).
> I use wdm, and it's very nice.  Once you've installed the package (from
> slink), it will put a new line in your /etc/X11/config file.  You'll need
> to change it as follows:
> start-xdm becomes no-start-xdm
> no-start-wdm becomes start-wdm
> The easiest way to restart it from there is to (heavens, no!) reboot.  I
> don't keep my machine on all the time, so this is easiest for me.  Others
> might have a safer solution.

I hate to reboot ...my machines stay up 24-7 and only go down to switch 
between development and stable kernels when I feel I need to (not often)

telinit 1
to go down to single user mode...

telinit 2 to return 

personally I prefer the redhat method...
just set it to run at runlevel 5 ONLY 
telinit 5

(and edit inittab to default to 5)

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