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Re: Strange replies to postings to this list

Thaks Ray.

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> Hi,
> everytime I send a mail to the list I get a mail back from
>  MAILER-DAEMON@genesis.ispace.com
> with the subject:
>  SMTP import error #-5

Please contact listmastere@lists.debian.org with a forward including
*all* header of such a mail so we can track it down.

> Yesterday I even got a mail from
>  welcome@faxaway.com
> notifying me that my fax hasn't been sent!
> I didn't even mention faxaway anywhere.  What's going on here?

There is a mail system misconfigured.

The MTA sends errors to the wrong address.  It should send it to
the envelope from or errors to, which are both set appropriately
by our lists/mail software.  Thus normaly they're send to the



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