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Re: canīt start Netscape

please take note that netscape requires a lot of lib's , specially the ones from section /oldlibs/ ... go to the debian homepage > packages and try to see what those packages are ok ? ... and when u install netscape use the netscape???.deb installer, put the 9mb something netscape package in /tmp ... and off u go

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On 10/8/98, at 5:42 PM, Vasili Goutas Kernel Hacker wrote:

>I´m running debian Linux 2.0 and try to start Netscape, but I get the
>´can´t load library libXpm.so.4´. I have added the path to this lib in
>the environment variable LIBRARY_PATH but its still the same.
>I can´t find any readme or howtos which describes what env. variab.
>Netscape needs.
>MOZILLA_HOME is also set right.
>Any ideas?
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