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Re: Netscape and libXt.so.6

to have netscape 4 running u need to have the libraries as mentioned in http://cgi.debian.org/www-master/debian.org/Packages/stable/web/netscape4.html or ...let me just mention it, the ff. libs along with their corresponding depndecies :
motifnls in section X11
ldso in section base
ilbc5 in section oldlibs
libc6 in section base
libg++27 in section oldlibs
xlib6 in section oldlibs
xpm4.7 in section oldlibs
mime-support in section net
imagemagick in section graphics

:) chad

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On 10/5/98, at 11:36 PM, Michael Dahlberg wrote:

>Could anyone help me out with this problem?
>I installed Netscape Navigator 4.06 (base install, not Communicator) on
>Debian 2.0 (kernel 2.0.34) in /usr/local/netscape according to Netscape's
>installation instructions.  I try to run the executable but I get the
>message: "/usr/local/netscape/netscape : can not load libXt.so.6".  The
>library libXt.so.6 is on my system (in /usr/X11R6/lib) and the path is
>referenced in /etc/ld.co.conf.  I tried running "/sbin/ldconfig -v |less"
>and there were no errors, however, libXt.so.6 "points" to libXt.so.6.0.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Mike Dahlberg
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