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Re: Netscape and libXt.so.6

> I installed Netscape Navigator 4.06 (base install, not Communicator) on
> Debian 2.0 (kernel 2.0.34) in /usr/local/netscape according to Netscape's
> installation instructions.  I try to run the executable but I get the
> message: "/usr/local/netscape/netscape : can not load libXt.so.6".  The
> library libXt.so.6 is on my system (in /usr/X11R6/lib) and the path is
> referenced in /etc/ld.co.conf.  I tried running "/sbin/ldconfig -v |less"
> and there were no errors, however, libXt.so.6 "points" to libXt.so.6.0.

Gee, this should really be somewhere in the FAQ.

Netscape binary is libc5-based. Therefore you would need to install libc5
package along with libc5-based X libaries (xlib6 package, in addition to
xlib6g). You may need also to install xpm4.7 package.

Better yet, use dselect to install netscape4 package (installer of the 
archive you downloaded from netscape ftp site).

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