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Re: newbie installing Xwin, and other stuff

> > 
> > Umm... *rubs back of head*
> > I haven't been able to get dhcpcd working, which I need for using the
> > computer on the network, so I can't use dselect... I need to download
> > packages individually. (I think.)
> > 
> 	Now you've got me confused. :-)  If you can 'download packages
> individually' (you are talking about ftp, right?) you can certainly use
> dselect to do that for you.  In dselect, under the access option, you
> can get dselect to install from a hard drive, cdrom, ftp across
> internet, http across internet, etc, etc.
> 	If installing from a CD set ('mountable' in dselect access method), the
> x stuff is certainly there.  If trying to install from the net, use the
> 'ftp' access method of dselect.  The 'apt' access method is better, but
> probably not on the CD set.  You need to download and install apt first,
> then you'll see a new option, 'apt', under the access method screen in
> dselect.
> 	Whatever access method you use (CD,FTP), once you get dselect working
> things will get a lot easier.  With dselect, when you select the 'xbase'
> package dselect/dpkg will automatically check dependencies and select
> for install the other packages you'll need, except for the server
> XF86_SVGA that you need for your video card.  Install the server last.

What I mean is that Linux can't use the LAN here (at Univ. of Nebr.
Lincoln) but Win95 can, so I dl packages in Win95, reboot to Linux, mount
the Win95 partition (I've finally automated that) and then use dpkg -i to
install it.


Chris Stevenson

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