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RE: X server problems

At 08:41 PM 9/29/1998 -0500, Fred Yankowski wrote:
>Braden N. McDaniel writes:
> > Now when I boot the machine, my monitor goes to sleep as soon as the boot
> > sequence has completed. I *think* this is because I elected to being
xdm up
> > at bootup when I initially installed everything, and now that setting is
> > kicking in. I suspect the problem may be that the X server has not yet
> > properly configured. How can I get to a prompt so I can run xf86config?
>I hit the same problem when I messed things up in a different way such
>that X could not run.  Once I was able to get in, I discovered that
>xdm tries over and over again to bring up X, which would always fail.
>I heard some talk that xdm might be changed to fall back to a console
>login after a number of failures.
>Anyway, I had to boot from a Debian Rescue floppy to get in.  Forget
>about using the "rescue" command on that floppy -- it never worked for
>me.  Just go ahead as if you were going to do an install.  *Very*
>*carefully*, use the menu commands to mount your existing swap
>partition and mount your root partition, and then switch to another
>virtual console (Alt-F2, is it?).  From there, disable xdm somehow,
>such as by renaming the xdm script in /etc/init.d.  Then reboot from
>your hard drive as normal.
>I'm not going to use xdm again until such time as I have a backup root
>partition set up (with xdm disabled) so that I can boot and repair
>things without having to use the Rescue disk.

Could Braden not simply try Ctrl-Alt-F2 to switch to a non-X virtual console?
I'm too new at Linux to know, but I'd at least try it.

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