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Redirect printer output to email?

This isn't specifically Debian-related, but if I can get this done it'll be
a major score on campus for Linux in general and Debian specifically.

Can I print from a Win95 box to a Debian queue and route that output to an
email message as well as to a printer?

For those who are interested, here's the background:
Whenever a campus phone is used to dial 911, a signal goes to the city's
911 dispatch office. A signal also goes to a local Win95 box on campus
running specialized 911 software. This software logs the incident, prints a
hardcopy, and is supposed to send an alpha page to our campus security
cops. Problem is that the 911 software and our paging company can't seem to
communicate with each other. The 911 software people blame the paging
company, and the paging company blame the 911 software. (I think the 911
software is to blame; there's no way to customize the data going across the
modem to account for different handshaking methods, etc).

Although Win95/NT printers can be redirected to a text file, there's no way
to pre-assign a name to that text file. So everytime a 911 call comes in,
someone has to go to the Win95 box and tell it to save the file as
"911.txt" or something similar. Of course, this defeats the entire idea of

I figure Linux is powerful enough to do what I asked above. I've just about
gotten samba figured out enough to allow the Win95 box to print to it; what
I need to know is how to route that printed info to a mail message. We can
then email the message to our campus security beepers (this mechanism is
already in place).


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Abilene Christian Univ., Abilene, TX
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