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Re: complex syslog facility daemon

>Is there any reason that you can not look in dhcp.log or whatever rather
>than daemon.log?

Out of the man page of my dhcpd:

       To  have dhcpd log to the standard error descriptor, spec­
       ify the -d flag.  This can be useful  for  debugging,  and
       also  at  sites  where a complete log of all dhcp activity
       must be kept but syslogd is not reliable or otherwise can­
       not  be  used.   Normally, dhcpd will log all output using
       the syslog(3)  function  with  the  log  facility  set  to

>I have my mail and ftp going to their own log, plus
>going to daemon log.  So if I know it is mail, I look in mail log.

Ok, it's here the same. apache has it's own log files, smail, news,
squid, wu-ftpd, too. But all other exclusively log to daemon.log and
they're many. And their man pages sounds like the one above.

>Another option is to write a simple awk type script which parses the log
>and shows you stats, numbers of errors, etc.  Re-coding and compiling is
>often a bad idea.

Thanks, that was what I wanted to know. With the SUN we had to
recompile a lot because there weren't binaries for that architecture
and so changing the source didn't hurt. Now I will use a script.

Thanks a lot, Juergen

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