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Q: MIPS machine + Linux?

I went to the MIT flea market yesterdy. (last one this year is next month!)
I only bought 1 thing, a DECstation 5000/133. 

I was told this is a MIPS machine,it has some RAM (NFI how much) and
no hard drive (yet). No video card but I got a vt320 terminal for it.

I seem to remember that there is a Linux port for MIPS
anyone know anything about it? Debian doesn't apear to have a MIPS dist
(yet :) - we seem to have almost everything else).

ANy pointers to info would be apreciated...I would love to get this machine
up and running. If not linux..any idea what else will run on it? (I doubt
im going to find ultrix)

course in any case... $20 wasn't bad for this beast...hmm and $5 for 
a vt320 terminal to use for a display...


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