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Re: Suck and INN

On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Thomas Behrndt wrote:

> > So it seems that INN is just rejecting the posts for some reason. Any ideas?
> Your host doesn't have permission to post news articles.  You need to give
> access for posting in /etc/nnrp.access. Add a line like:
> 	hostname:Read Post:::*
> at the end of the file. The hostname should be fully qualified. There is
> probably already a line like this, but I find on my setup that I need the
> hostname instead (it doesn't hurt to leave the local host).

I got that fixed, but it now marks all the newsgroups Suck tries to post
(to) as unwanted. In the daily news report, it listed all the articles as
unwanted... so how do I make them 'wanted' and get Suck to work? ideas?
Thanks to all =] 

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