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Re: IP Firewalling/Forwarding baffles me

> If some kind soul could help, I'd appreciate it.  :-) The HOWTO
> instructions don't seem to work correctly (but more than likely, my
> lack of understanding is at fault), so I plea for help.  :-)

You don't say which HOWTO, but the IP-Masquerade mini-HOWTO is
excellent.  Print that, print the ipfwadm manpage, read both a couple
of times and I think it will solve all your problems.  Worked for me.

> I think part of my problem may be how the 'hidden' machine's
> configured (default router, domain, etc.), but the HOWTO didn't
> really cover that. . . .

The Networking howto (whatever it's called) ought to, or the system
administrator's guide, or lots of different books on system

Good luck,

Pete Harlan

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