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I have only one line in my xringd.conf

R 10-15 R 30 : /usr/bin/pon

If I add -m /dev/ttyS1

the xringd starts to complain that the file does not exist

By default it should use /dev/modem

so I've made dev/ modem point to /dev/ttyS1 

but it does not help either...

Oh and yes, please send me your config file (although, honestly, I do not
know how it might help) 

On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Jason Kennedy wrote:

> 	Hey I use xringd
> 	I use wvdial to dial into my ISP
> 	So in the xringd.conf I have execute "wvdial" when it gets two
> rings with none after it for 30 seconds
> 	I can send you my xringd.conf is you want

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