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Lazar Fleysher <fleysher@chudo.lanl.gov> writes:
| Just curious if anyone had succeded in configuring and using xringd.
| It does not work on my machine.... 
| I have an external modem on /dev/ttyS1 and even when I tell
| #xringd -m /dev/ttyS1 
| it can not find it .
| tryed to make  /dev/modem as sim-link to /dev/ttyS1 
| but it does not help
| What else can I try? It is very important for me.  :.-)

Well, I can't supply you with any details because my PC isn't on, but
I've successfully used xringd a couple of times in the past under the
exact same circumstances as you, i.e., an external modem on
/dev/ttyS1. The only hint I can offer is to make sure xringd is the
first piece of software that accesses that serial port. Don't run
anything else that accesses the port before starting xringd.

You don't have any trouble using other software on ttyS1? Such as
seyon, or minicom?


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