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Re: LILO, 2 scsi disks, 2 OS config problem

i'm hardly a lilo expert, but . . .

> I have been trying to install debian 2.0 for a couple of days and I cannot get LILO to work.
> My setup is :
> Intel CPU
> SCSI disk 1 (sda) dedicated to Windows 95
> SCSI disk 2 (sdb) dedicated to linux, debian 2.0, kernel 2.0.34 installed from  CDROM.
> Root partition is /dev/sdb1.
> Linux boots correctly either from the rescue disk on CDROM or from the boot floppy I made during installation. In that case, BIOS is configured to boot from CDROM (primary) or floppy (secondary)
> My wish is :
> getting the lilo prompt at boot and be able to select windows or linux. My previous installation (redhat 5.0) did just that. In that case, BIOS is configured to boot "from SCSI" (I do not have the choice of disk, I assume it is the first one, SCSI ID = 0)

> The symptoms are:
> I get the lilo prompt at boot , the boot process begins OK, but reboots at some point. I do not have time to read correctly the screen at that particular point, but it seems to me that it happens just before starting the INIT process, after a line like "VFS: mounted root read only" is displayed.
> My lilo.conf is :
> boot=/dev/sda

this means that it's trying to load the kernel from your windows disk.  
Which means that windows can do bad things to it (oh, and remember to 
draw a pentium around the computer before launching windows or 
otherwise trafficing with demons :)

Are you doing this for a reason?  once lilo is in there, it can use 

> root=/dev/sdb1
> install=/boot/bootb
> map=/boot/map
> vga=normal
> delay=100
> append="mem 97M"

9*7* M?  I assume you mean 96.  I'm not sure what happens when you tell 
it more than your really have, but i think it goes ahead an duses it, 
which can't be good . . .

> image=/vmlinuz
> label=Linux
> read-only
> other=/dev/sda1
> label=win


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