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Re: Installation Help (Base Install)

>I'm totally unclear as to whether you've already made it through the
>base install, or if you've completed that step, rebooted, and are now
>staring at dselect.

I am trying to get the base install to work.  I am running Win95 OSR B and I
have enabled FAT32 access.  I didn't relize the difference.  What would the
easiest way be to install Debian? 1)Create a small DOS partition (which I
think Win95 would recognize) and move the install files to it. 2) Just use

I have a 4GB SCSI hardrive.  2GB, Win95 will be using and the other 2GB will
be for Linux.  How would you suggest that I divide it up to create my
filesystem?  I am trying to learn how to use Linux in order to use it as a
mailserver and a webserver using Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

>2) You're running Win95 OSR B or Win98 on your non-linux partition, and
>have enabled FAT32 access, so it's not an MSDOS partition at all.  We
>can't hardly blame dselect for not seeing it them - you need to mount
>the partition as FAT32 (iirc this is supported in the new kernels) and
>use the mounted method from dselect.

Thanks for the help,

-Cameron Taggart

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