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.tar.gz, .tgz, tar.Z -->(alien) ->.deb???

Hi there,

I downloaded some archives which I'm trying to install:

1) hj-alpha3_tar.Z (sun's hotjava)
which I somehow thought was for linux-i386, and now I realized it
would only run on solaris.  The problem with it though, is that it's
"_tar.Z", instead of ".tar.Z".  So, what I did was just rename it:
and then run:
alien -d hj-alpha3.tar.gz
ok, I know there's nothing to do with it under linux, but that's not
the issue, the issue is that instead of obtaining a .deb, the result
was just as in case number 2.

2) Scriptum-1_1_7b-linux-elf-static.tgz
and I ran:  alien --to -debian Scriptum-1_1_7b-linux.elf-static.tgz
and, while I was expecting a .deb result, where I got was directory
tree on / (ie. /scriptum.....  which was the same as with hj-alpha3...)
Now, if I try to run it under an xterm (/scriptum-1-1-7b-linux-elf-
static/debian/tmp/bin/scriptum), I get the following:

Scriptum: 1.1.7 (Linux 1.3.X)...

and then three dialog boxes:

lib.main.WARNING: Message not found
Sorry, can't find resource file 'Scriptum'!

:1: Scriptum error: Main file not supplied

lib.main.ERROR: Message not found
Assertion failed (pasedFiles != ((void*)0)).

3) papyrus-1.1.1.bin.ELF.static.tar.gz
this one seems to work ok as far as alien is concerned:
alien -d papyrus-1.1.1.bin.ELF.static.tar.gz
and I get a papyrus-etc.deb file
then I run dpkg:
dpkg -i papyrus-etc.deb
and seems to work.
On the xterm, I just type:
and get the following line:
papyrus: can't load library ´libXmu.so.6´

Now, that library is indeed in /usr/X11R6/lib, and there's also a link
of it (libXmu.so.6 -> libXp.so.6.2)...  someone told me to use
ldconfig, and I did run ldconfig (what is it supposed to do?  Actually
nothing in my case).

Can anyone help with all or part of these problems, please?

PS.  I'm using Debian 2.0

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