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Re: deb for StarOffice 4

David Warnock wrote:
> I have downloaded StarOffice 4. I have not seen a package to install
> this (there is one for StarOffice 3.1).
> a) Is there a package somewhere that will install so40sp3_lnx_01.tar.gz

Several people have given up on it.  If you can help writing an installer
for version 4.0 please contact me in private mail.

> b) If there is not how easy is it to create on like the one for
> StarOffice 3.1 (or Netscape 4)? I am interested not just for StarOffice
> but for apps we write and need to install/uninstll on our own LAN.

The way SO3.1 is packaged is completely different to version 4.0.



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just after one could have used it.

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