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Re: PCI problems

On Tue, 8 Sep 1998, Richard Heller wrote:
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 : Hey,

Hey!  Your lines are too long :)

 : I have a 3COM 3c905TX network card and a Real3D StarFighter video
 : card.  When I boot my machine, the PCI probe gives both of the cards
 : the same IRQ number.  However, the network card is on bus 0 and the
 : video card is on bus 1.  Are the different bus numbers because the
 : network card is PCI and the video card is AGP?  Would this setup
 : cause an IRQ conflict under Linux?  The network card currently
 : appears to be complaining about an IRQ conflict.  Is there any way to
 : force the two cards to have a different IRQ?  I tried setting the IRQ
 : they're usually given to be non-PCI and they still ended up with the
 : same IRQ, just a different number. 

have you tried moving the NIC to a different PCI slot?  I believe there
are recorded conflicts on many systems with an AGP slot.

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