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Installation problems


I'm having a couple of problems installing Linux on my machine.  The problems are revolving around two pieces of hardware, my ethernet card and my video card.

My ethernet card is a 3com 3c905TX card.  During the boot messages, the card appears to be correctly detected, however I don't seem to be able to communicate with any other machines.  Every so often, I also get the following messages on my screen:

eth0: transmit timed out, tx_status ff status fff.
eth0: Transmitter encountered 16 collisions -- network cable problem?
eth0: Interrupt posted but not delivered -- IRQ blocked by another device?
eth0: Host error, FIFO dagnostic register ffff.
(That line repeats a bunch of times)
eth0: Too much work in interrupt, status ffff.  Temporarily disabling functions (7800)

The card works fine under Win98.  Any suggestions?

My video card is a Real 3D StarFighter AGP card with 8M of RAM.  There doesn't seem to be any support for this card and when I try to use the SVGA server, it detects the amount of RAM wrong.  It thinks I have 64k instead of 8M and therefore don't have enough memory to start the server.  At best I can run X Windows with 320x200 resolution, which is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  Is there an X server out there that works with this card?

I was so looking forward to installing Linux.  It kind of sucks that I've hit these road blocks.


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