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Re: Debian Netscape Installer and glibc2 Communicator 4.06

Either get the glibc version of Netscape
in /pub/communicator/4.06/development/english/unix/linux20_glibc2
or install the necessary libc5 packages.

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998, Jianbo Zhang wrote:

> Hi Debians,
> When I run dpkg -i netscape4_4.0.12.deb, I got some error message: it
> says that some libc5 and motif  related files could not be found.  So I
> installed Communicator 4.06 in my fresh Debian (2.0) Linux box with
> nsinstall. So far I did not find any problem, but I still do not know
> why Debian netscape installer does not work for me. Help is highly
> appreciated.
> Jianbo
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