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Re: Correction of Clock for summer time

David> During the installation of Hamm I was asked if my PC was
David> running on GMT or not. I guess I answered this wrong as the
David> time is displayed an hour ahead of what it should be.

David> It should be showing British Summer time now which is GMT + 1
David> but is in fact showing GMT + 2.

David> Where / How do I correct this, I have checked all I can see in
David> Man for time and have not found the correct info. I have been
David> able to confirm the above using tzselect.

The time your machine reports depends on two things: the time the
system clock is set to, and the timezone it thinks it is in. Matters
are further complicated by the hardware clock, which is used to set
the system clock. Any one being wrong could cause your problem. For
instance, if your system clock was already set to local time (BST,
which is GMT+1), when you installed hamm, and you told it:
  a) that the system clock was set to GMT (when it wasn't really), and 
  b) that you are in time zone Europe/London, or GB or whatever, ie
     local time is BST 
then you would get the time reported as GMT+2 but the date command
would show it as BST.  If this is the case then you need to reset the
system clock, using the date command, and then set the hardware clock
from the system clock using the hwclock command.

Alternatively it could be that your system clock really is set to GMT,
but you have set the wrong time zone (to something that is GMT+2 at
the moment). If that is the case runs tzconfig to set it to the right
time zone (I use Europe/London).


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