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Erratic mouse pointer

I upgraded from Debian 1.3 to Debian 2.0 and am now having problems
with the mouse pointer under X. When moving the mouse, the pointer
generally moves in the right direction, but it appears to jump around
erratically. This occurs all the time, whether moving the mouse fast
or slow. During any given move, I would estimate that the pointer
appears in the right location about one-half of the time, while the
other half of the time it appears in random locations in any direction,
a few inches from where it should be (the direction or incorrect offset
does not seem to be consistent). When positioning a window, the window
outline moves smoothly with no jumping while at the same time the
pointer still jumps around erratically.

I am using a Logitech MouseMan serial mouse. The Pointer section in the
XF86Config file is the same (between my Debian 1.3 and 2.0 setup); the
protocol is MouseMan.

I installed gpm. No strange behavior occurs with the gpm mouse pointer
in a non-X console screen. I used the gpm mouse test program and it
correctly identified the mouse as a MouseMan.

If I should direct this problem to an XF86 forum or mailing list, could
someone please tell me which XF86 version was used with Debian 1.3 (so
I can indicate that the problem appeared when going from version x to
version y).

Denny Robertson

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