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RE: Commandline FTP

Have you ever tried to script an FTP put?  I think what the original
poster is looking for is expect. With expect, you can script FTP and
telnet sessions.

Perl might have an FTP lib someplace and I know python does. For shell
scripting, you are going to need to use expect.

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Jeremiah Cornelius wrote:

> ---Darren Benham <gecko@benham.net> wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know of a program/script that will SEND files to an FTP
> site?  I
> > know that 'ftp' can be used to RETRIEVE.  I want to upload files via
> a makefile.
> The FTP command to send a file is PUT.  If you want to send multiple
> files with wildcards or regular expressions, the FTP command is MPUT. 
> You can embed all of this in a shell script, just be sure and set the 
> filetype (binary or ASCII) first!
> Typing "?" or "help" at the FTP> prompt will return a list of
> commands.  Extended help (of a sorts) is available by typing "help
> <command_name>" at the ftp prompt...
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