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I want some screensaver in my computer, so i installed xscreensaver.
About it:
-The package `xscreensaver' contain some programs that moves (the
image)  plus a program (xsreensaver) that can count X sec. and then call
another...(the one with the `images')
-----------> Im i right ???

If yes, what would be a program that let me choose, graphically, the
images that moves and the time of inactivity where all begins...
Maybe there is one that let me choose my desktop backgroud too....

I have heared that gnome has something like that. I have all
debian-packages of gnome installed but the program `background
propities' doesnt work.

PS: ahhh , if i want to use xscreensaver i should put it in my .xinirc
file isnit ???



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