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RE: IPmasquerading HELP for LINUX server EMERGENCY

Take a look at http://ipmasq.home.ml.org/ for help.  I'm in the process


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Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 7:53 AM
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Subject: IPmasquerading HELP for LINUX server EMERGENCY

I am having a huge problem with ipmasquerading.  My network and ppp
connection appears to works by themselves.  Once I try to use
ipmasquerading I cannont do anything.  I cannot connect to anything
(either LAN or Internet)  I use a modem to access the Internet.  When
ipmasquerading is turned on I cannot ping, traceroute, or use DNS for
LAN or Internet.  I am really starting to pull my hair out as this is
absolutely necessary for using this Linux box to connect the LAN at work
to the Internet.  If I cannot get this to work, it will be back to NT.
WE DON`T WANT THAT.  Please if anyone can give step by step instructions
for setting up ipmasquerading using PPP over a modem connection I would
be very greatfull.  I have looked at the ipmasquerading HOW-TO and it is
very poorly written and not very helpful.  I have looked in dejanews to
no avail.  I have tried setting it up by hand and using the dotfile
generator.  Nothing has worked so far.
Bruce Jackson

Linux:  because reboots are for hardware upgrades!

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