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Ethernet Lock Up

I have a 3Com 3c905 ethernet card on a dual processor Dell Workstation.
I'm using kernel 2.0.35, and occasionally I get a screen full of:

eth0:error re-entering the interrupt handler

(or something very similar).  I haven't been able to recover from this
without rebooting the whole system.  I've now tried upgrading the kernel
(from 2.0.34), but I'm not sure what else to look at.  Has anyone else
seen this problem?  It happens about once every two weeks (it still has a
better crash rate than NT, which I was using before).  If not, how can I
find debugging information?  I'd like to try and figure it out on my own,
but I'm not sure where to find the information.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

-Joe Porter
University of Kentucky
EE Control Systems Lab

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