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Re: Sendmail and virtualdomains


>today I tried to reconfigure mySendmail 8.8.8 (hamm distribution) to set
>up some virtualdomains. I followed instructions I've seen at
>www.sendmail.org/virtual-hosting.html and added line
>FEATURE(virtusertable, `dbm /etc/virtusertable')dnl to my
>/etc/mail/sendmail.mc file (at the end of file, to preserve my
>configuration). Then I run sendmailconfig and Ooops ...
>get error message "Class dbm not supported" or sth like this.
Yes, I know the problem.

>Am I doing sth wrong ?
Not really...

>How can I set up virtualhosting properly ?
Just use "hash" instead of "dbm". You must use "makemap hash" instead of "makemap dbm", too, of course.
Good luck!



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