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Re: Debian /etc/groups

On 30 Aug 1998, Torsten Hilbrich wrote:

> Is there any standard for such a thing?  Even the FSSTND (1.2) didn't
> even mention group ids.  
> 	Torsten
> BTW: Standarisation of such topics among all unix versions would be
> great, but is almost impossible (compare BSD based systems with SysV
> systems).

Right. Since Sun is the most popular NIS/Automount NFS environment, it
would be logical to target that a goal for compatability. Also, Sun has
been very supportive of Linux recently.

If there isn't such a standard, maybe there should be. I know that HP-UX
and Solaris are compatable in this way, we have a couple of HP-UX
workstations on our net that NFS mount user home directories and the mail

George Bonser

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