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Re: sound card

On 28-Aug-98 stephen.p.ryan@dartmouth.edu wrote:
> On 28 Aug, Brian Morgan wrote:
>> Running debian 2.0 / 2.0.34 (stable) and having trouble getting my sound
>> card to work.  I can get the cd rom player in X to run, but not through
>> the sound card.  I didn't see anything in the device drivers setup when
>> I installed debian, and wasn't sure how else to get it to work.  It's a
>> creative labs soundblaster awe64e.  I installed all the sound files in
>> the debian setup (using the easy to use custom menu for setting up:
>> WORKS  GREAT!!!), but it still isn't working.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Brian Morgan
>> BTW, nice job to all you developers out there who made vast improvements
>> to the debian 2.0 setup.  So much easier now than in the frozen
>> version!  I installed everything I needed right from the start
>> (including x, samba, and mucho other packages . . .no problem!)  Look
>> out NT!
> You'll need to patch the kernel source and compile a custom kernel;
> fortunately, this is a) not hard, and b) well documented in the Sound
> Blaster AWE HOWTO, by our very own Marcus Brinkmann and c) there are
> Debian packages for everything you'll need.
> /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Soundblaster-AWE.gz
> (or search Yahoo for "Sound Blaster AWE HOWTO" - the first 22 matches
> are to copies of the HOWTO)
> This HOWTO made the difference for me - I needed to replace my sound
> card, as the old one bumps into my SIMM slots.  The options were yank
> half of my RAM (which I had just bought) or replace the sound card, so I
> went shopping, and Marcus' excellent HOWTO was the deciding factor in my
> getting a SoundBlaster 64 AWE.  Read the HOWTO, follow it, and yell for
> help if you get stuck.
> HTH,
> -- 
> Stephen Ryan                   Debian GNU/Linux
> Mathematics graduate student, Dartmouth College

it's half true, sb awe64 need this patch to use advance midi part of the sb.
you can set your card without this patch (like i did) with isapnp (config file
created by pnpdump) and u need to select the sb16 driver in the sound section
but in module, not built in.  in this way, isapnp will be call before loading
the sb driver.

so if u read the howto on sb16 or sbawe64, u should find infos on the isapnp
and kernel config.

Benoit Joly

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