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Can Linux Box act as gateway for IPX/Novell traffic ?


We were setting up a windows 95 based computing facility of 50 computers 
for use by first year students (windows is a necessary evil here), and
wish to restrict any use of the computers to browse web other than 
a few specified websites. I know a Linux PC with two network cards
could act as a router/gateway/IP forwarder for this facility and this
can be set up reasonably easily by rebuilding kernel etc...
 (I did this with a windows PC and my Debian machine with diald at home)

However, the PCs in question need to acess Novell servers on the 
campus network.
My question, then, is whether IPX or Novell network traffic will be 
able to flow through the internal firewall ?

Is this easy to set up ?

Will the traffic be too much for such a router/bridge/firewall ?
What minimum spec PC should be used?

Or should I think about doing this a totally different way ?

Our Computing Services department are very Novell-centric
and I would like to investigate whether Linux could do the job before
accepting their solution (whatever it might be).

Thanks in advance,
Cormac McGuinness			e-mail: Cormac.McGuinness@ucd.ie
Experimental Physics Department,	Tel:	+ 353 1 706 2205
University College Dublin,		Fax:	+ 353 1 283 7275
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.		

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