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Re: wfwg 3.11 trashed my partition table

Brian wrote,

> *- Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote about "wfwg 3.11 trashed my partition table"

> | thanks, bill.

> | I tried to install windows for workgroups from diskette on my thinkpad, on the 
> | existing dos partition.

> | regardless of what it put on /dev/hda2, it trashed my partition tables.

> | If I reenter the same valued for the partititons, will my e2fs partition 
> | survive?  or do I have to reinstall.

> See if http://slashdot.org/askslashdot/980823/1311207.shtml
> provides any help.  The topic of this discussion is "Corrupted Hard Drive".

thanks; this helped greadly.  The answer is, "yes", if you remember the partition information, for the e2fs  file system.  THe dos fat sectors didn't seem to make it, though :(  But i only tried this on the harrd drive, not the zip; i'm still waiting for an answer there


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