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Re: Help with debian

At 08:44 PM 8/20/1998 +1000, you wrote:
>Can u please to tell me how i can install X???
> where do i get it from???
> I have the 3 debian CD's!!!!

I don't know how much hand-holding you need, but I felt like I could have
used more, so this reply may seem too juvenile.

Log in as root, and from the prompt start dselect. Go into Access and make
sure it's using the cdrom method. Then from the main dselect menu, choose
Update if you haven't done so with this set of CDs before. Then go into
Select. This is the most confusing part. Press the space bar to get to the
list of packages available. You will need the xbase package and at least
one server (and probably other stuff too; I'm too new at this to really
know exactly what you need). You can easily find the xbase package by
pressing / and then typing in xbase and then pressing enter. Mark this as
wanted by pressing +. As far as an xserver goes, if you come from the
Windows world, you can think of this as a video resolution setting. If your
equipment can handle SuperVGA, you might want the xserver-svga package. If
I were you I'd download that one, as well as xserver-vga, and maybe a few
others that you might find that might apply to your hardware. You can
search for xservers just like you searched for xbase; simply press / and
type in xserver and then press enter. Each server you want to get you can
mark with a +.

So far all you've done is mark for installing the basic X package (xbase)
and various possible video resolution settings. Now press ENTER to get back
to dselect's main menu.

Then choose Install. dselect will install the packages you've selected, and
it will try to configure them. After it installs each xserver, it will ask
if you want to use that xserver as the default. I would suggest answering
No to each except for the xserver-vga one. (Later you can change things to
a better resolution, but for now, I'd strongly suggest sticking with

You may get some error messages. They can probably be more or less ignored
for now.

After the Install returns you to dselect's main menu, choose Configure. The
Install routine already tried to configure the packages, but because a lot
of times it matters what gets installed when, you might need to configure
again. If you get any errors during the Configure phase, run Configure
again when it's finished. You might need to run Configure 3 or 4 times
before everything is all sorted out. If you still get errors, you might
want to post them to this list.

Finally, from dselect's main menu, choose Quit. This will quit dselect. You
now have your Xwindows installed and basically configured.

However, you still need to configure the xserver. The easiest way to do
this is to run XF86Setup. It's a pretty nice installation routine, mostly
self-explanatory. After it's finished, you should have a running X system.
When the XF86Setup is finished, you can type startx at the prompt to start X.

If you don't get a working X, post to this list again.

Hoping you have success!


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