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Re: Runaway X

Hersh, Harry wrote:
> Debian 2.0 installed on my machine amazingly easy, including ppp
> connectivity. However, now that I'm trying to get X up, things have
> bogged down.  In trying to debug XF86Config, my system is caught in an
> endless loop it cannot get out of. The problem is that xdm somehow is in
> the boot sequence and now I can't shut it off. Ctrl/Alt/BS kills the
> server, but it immediately comes back up. I've tried rebooting with the
> boot floppy and the rescue floppy, but as soon as the file system is
> mounted and fsck'ed, the disfunctional X comes right back.
> How can I get out of this endless loop so I can fix XF86Config? This is
> a stand-alone machine, so it cannot be remotedly accessed.
> Once I can stop the looping, I can start figuring out why the server
> only comes up in 340x200 mode and why /dev/psaux doesn't work as a
> Microsoft mouse port.
> Thanks,
> Harry Hersh

	Look in /etc/X11/config, and change the line 'start-xdm' to
'no-start-xdm'.  This will stop xdm from automatically starting.

Ed C.

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