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Re: Designing a Linux lab.

Liran Zvibel wrote:
> I have one question, though, NT has an option to be installed and
> configured from the network (I don't mean installing via NFS, but
> actually get all the installation profile form the network, including the
> installed programs and conf. files (Of course the administrator has to
> give the ip and host name)).
> Is there such an option for Linux? If there is it will be much easier to
> convince my boss to make the systems dual boots.
> I can put a main /usr partition on our RAID, and just copy the /etc
> directory. But even in this way I'll have to change the ip and hostname
> manually for every computer.
> I want the students to be able to work locally on the Linux machines, and
> might add a third boot option to run XDM, connect to our chooser and work
> from the servers.

	I think there's a diskless mini-HOWTO at http://sunsite.unc.edu./LDP/
and a xterminal tutorial at
http://www.menet.umn.edu/~kaszeta/unix/xterminal/index.html or something
like that

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