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Re: Debian Knowledge Base ?

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Hank Fay wrote:

> What I think would be helpful would be a Keyword search which then provided
> the title and link for results; on the order of the <gasp!> MSKB.  That way,
> when you searched on kernel you'd come up with 'make-kpkg' in a couple of
> locations.  I responded to RMS on his article on the need for "free
> documentation" as well as "free software" (as the maillist is testament to,
> it's darned hard to use the second without the first), and he suggested I
> write it (I knew this was a risk when writing him <g>).  Keywords of "sound
> software" would bring up titles and links.

I'll second that. These searches could also be tied into the bug tracking 
system as well.

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